Feb 1, 2009

Princess Skirt

As many of you already know, I love to find interesting clothes for my niece. A fellow blogger tipped me off on these lovelies for Savvy Niece. I think she will swoon over any of these ruffle tier skirts, especially if it's magenta. How cute are these, I want one for myself even if I may look a little silly wearing something so frilly and girlie. According to Belle Ame website, apparently some skirts are available for teens which will fit me, I think.
I can't help but gush over these super girlie skirts. It will be a perfect surprise for Savvy Niece. I don't have the price range for the collection but this one retails for $76 which is not cheap for kids' clothes.
I like the mix of ultra feminine pettiskirt with converse and stripe leggings. I think that is how Savvy Niece will dress herself.
Ah... magenta, I think this one has Savvy Niece's name all over! I have to find a store in the greater Los Angeles so I can attest to the quality myself first.


  1. THOSE SKIRTS ARE SO FUN TO WEAR! Makes me wish I am a kid! I always wished I am a princess too.. :/

  2. you must by one for the savvy niece!!

    La C.

  3. Thanks for your comment,lovely skirts.

  4. Oh I have a little neice who is almost 4 who would love these too! Is it wrong that I want one for myself too??


  5. So cute!! My girls would love it.

  6. These are absolutely fantastic! I would have gone crazy for one of these when I was younger (and like you, even now I find myself wanting one!)

  7. I absolutely love these skirts! They are too sweet and girly to resist. I love how the girls modeled them, too. Your niece will definitely be surprised! :]


  8. Those are incredible, just look how stylish they are... adorable!

  9. oh now i hate you!


    i want this sooo badly now... i'm not sure i'll be able to sped this though...

    now i'm going to get taunting nightmares about this prescious skirt.

    and for the record, i don't really hate you. ;)

  10. hey gals, i am with you on these skirts. they do make it for teens too so we might just be able to find them in our sizes.

  11. Those skirts are darling!

  12. Awww adorable!

  13. Oooooooooh I want to be young enough to wear one of those... at least for a day! VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!


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