Feb 22, 2009

PONO Triumph Bangles

Whenever I go shopping, I have a way of picking out the more expensive pieces. Of course, I am learning now when a sales associate tells me I have great taste; she really means yes-it's-more-expensive. Anyhoo, I want to update on the Triumph bangles I love from much from this post here. The material is actually died mirror (as in a mirror) set on a resin base and with an elastic band holding the pieces together. The retail price is roughly $950. Yikes.... Now I know why I like Triumph bangles so much. It's because these lovelies cost an arm and a leg. I like them but I don't know if I want to pay this much for this bangle.


  1. These are gorgeous but I agree, you could probably find something similar at a more affordable price! Still...can't stop staring at them though :-)

  2. Sales associates tell me I have good taste, and sometimes they tack on a "for a teenager" which miffs me a tad bit.

  3. Oh I like that!!!!!


  4. love these but yikes! the price! let us know if you find a cheaper version1


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