Feb 12, 2009

Louis Vuitton Etoile Bowling Bag

Recently Savvy Sis received a 3 week old hand-me-down bag from her very generous mother-in-law. To be honest, we looked at the bag with skepticism in the beginning but Savvy Sis actually received many compliments from passerby. This is a statement bag with both print and quilt elements so it's important to pair this bag with subtle outfits. For me personally, I will avoid floral, ruffle and print outfits because the overall impression will become overwhelming and too busy.

According to Savvy Sis, this roomy bag becomes heavy once she fills it up with her daily necessities such as sippy cup, baby wipes and such. There is a little pocket on the outside for easy access. On the inside, there are pockets for cell phone, patch and zip pockets for keys and precious items. This bag measures 13" x 8" x 7" (about 16" at the widest) and retails for $2950. Is this savvy or not so much for you?


  1. I actually really like it. Love the shape. How can I get my hands on a 3 week hand me down LV bag?!!??!

  2. hmm...I dont know how I feel yet..the quilting is a little off

  3. I like the quilting but not sure about the shape. But hey, if someone wants to give it to me as a present, I wouldn't say no!

  4. Hi there-a cute bag, but quite pricy!!

  5. J'adooooore Louis!
    Have you been to the huge LV store on the Champs-Elysées?
    That would be a very savvy decision to visit it next time you are in Paris :)


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