Feb 28, 2009

Fendi FF Logo Cuff

While attending Fendi Spring 09 trunk show couple of weeks ago, I tried this cuff on for fun. Honestly, maybe my pocket is just not deep enough, but I can't imagine spending $280 for this piece of accessory, even if it's Fendi. It's too much of a fun piece which will become old after a season. And, it's almost like something my 6 year-old niece will wear.I know plastic technology can be quite technical but charging this much for a plastic cuff is just short of robbery. There are many colors available if anyone is interested in taking one home. Anyway, do you know of cute alternatives for a much savvier price?

image: net-a-porter


  1. I love it, especially its red colour! :)

    Have a great weekend, SG: Janet

  2. Oh I love that!!!!!


  3. I think it's cute, but you could definitely find something just as cute for $10.

  4. huh.
    i will never buy it. it's too expensive.
    i would rather save my money and get something which is more useful than that.

  5. I'm sure that by the end of spring, some store similar to F21 or Asos will come out with an 'inspired' item and promptly have their company sued.

  6. Hi there-I agree, cute but too pricey!!

  7. ...it is pretty awesome though!


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