Feb 26, 2009

Emporio Armani Dresses & Peep Toe Heels

As much as I am trying to spend less this season, Mr. Armani is making this resolution difficult for me. I found these few days ago and totally fell in adoration with these two dresses. Both are quite simple and will be great for years. Right now, when I shop I have a tendency to pull out the credit card only if I believe I can get a couple of years out of the piece instead of one season. Both dresses $395 via Emporio Armani --- both are great for day (with jacket/cardigan) or night.
Peep toe heels on left, Christian Louboutin ($795); right, Emporio Armani ($565) --- Peep toe pumps are savvy and classic; and I love them. I like the red detail on Louboutin but EA retail price is savvier.


  1. Great peep toe I love it!

    big kisses: Janet

  2. I am addicted to peep toes. I have way too many to count and my hubs is pissed about it. But if I wear them all then why does it matter? :)

  3. I love peep toes! I have some black heels like that that are about 3 inches shorter and $600 less.

  4. those dresses are fabulous!

  5. Love the blue dress!

  6. The two dresses are very lovely, as you say simple but great.
    And I love the peep toes.



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