Jan 10, 2009

To Chain or Not to Chain....

For the longest time, SG believes every Chanel jacket has an attach chain at the hem of the jacket to ensure a pristine look at all time. For a while, I thought these attached chains were gimmicks.Then, a couple jackets came without chain attachments, so I thought ah.... cutting cost.
Of course, SG is not going to just let this go. I finally remember to ask my SA this deep as puddle question. Why do some Chanel jackets have attach chains at the hem while others come without chains?

Apparently, a metal chain is placed at the hem of the jacket to prevent the jacket from falling forward. By adding a chain on the hem, the jacket is weighted down, thus pulling the jacket back and downward, enabling the jacket to look pristine and tailored. Since not every jacket requires such treatment due to cuts and tailoring, some jackets are produced without the metal chain. So SG finally figures out Chanel is not trying to cut cost....


  1. Interesting! Makes complete sense.

  2. I'm glad you asked. Interesting factoid.

  3. I didn't know that. Interesting fact!

  4. hehe.. I knew that. I should have told you! :)

  5. Thats a great observation.

    I wonder if good tailors can do that to other jackets to weight them as well?

    Maybe I'll have to bring this post along with me to show them!


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