Jan 13, 2009

Stephen Sprouse 4 Louis Vuitton

Wow, Louis Vuitton Graffiti is back! Marc Jacob and Louis Vuitton are paying tribute to the late artist Stephen Sprouse in this new 2009 collection. To be honest, I am not too crazy about the Graffiti when it first debut in 2001. My brother suggests using whiteout to create this look on an old Monogram piece I no longer use.
For Spring 2009, Graffiti and Rose motifs in electric colors are making splashes at Louis Vuitton. SG is not super crazy about the Graffiti collection but certain Rose pieces are sorta cute. What do you think, are you a fan?

top row left to right:
Louis Vuitton Graffiti Keepall 50 com
LV Graffiti bracelet --- I can't imagine myself spending $1130 on those bracelets. SG expects precious metal for this price tag.
LV green Graffiti Zippy Wallet
LV Graffiti bag charm (Just too LV-ish for SG!)

bottom row left to right:
Monogram rose print scarf
Rose Monogram Speedy 30 cm
Rose Monogram Pochette (SG's pick)
Graffiti Men Sneaker --- I wonder if BF will jump for joy over these?

image: eluxury, collage by SG : )


  1. i'd say the only thing i'd get from these would be the keychain.. lol

  2. Wish I had some of this stuff :D

  3. I like the wording graffiti zippy wallet. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I kind of love the sneaker! but not for that price! lol.

  5. I am with you, I don't like Graffiti as well.

  6. I also like the pochette, but I'm not a big graffiti fan either. The speedy bag is kind of cute too, but I think I'll wait and not indulge on these.

  7. I think the only one I would go for is the pochette. Everything else is just too much for me.

  8. i was never crazy about the grafitti line, either. but r.i.p. steven sprouse. passed away young...

  9. It's funny...people blowing big bucks to buy pieces that resemble art they resent when painted on their homes...

  10. Hi there-I really like seeing this back again!!

  11. I like the bags with the roses. I still have my graffiti bags from the last Sprouse collection so I can't justify any more of those!

  12. Hmmm.... not feeling it very much.


  13. I;m not exactly sure what I think yet. Maybe because I saved for years and bought an original sprouse for LV at an auction. I was tempted to sell a kidney to get the money-my brother told me that is illegal, so i passed.

    But the orignial colors are just so classic, not all neon and crazy

  14. I'm not loving this line. I usually like to buy the classic Louis Vuittons and some of their seasonal pieces but this is a bit too wacky for me.


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