Jan 19, 2009

Shopping Monday: Enamel Bracelet

Enamel is sure making a big splash with jewelry and fashion accessories recently. SG adores all the lovely bright enamel pieces, which glam up even the most conservative or boring outfits. Also utilizing these bright pieces as complementary shades with a colorful outfit will add more than a few savvy bonus points to a gal's look.

1. Lilly Pulitzer wide cuff enamel with crystal $74
2. CC Skye Screw detail enamel bracelet $70 --- Reminds SG of Cartier Love collection but with more fun and color at a super savvy price point (SG's pick!)
3. CC Skye bamboo detail enamel bracelet $70
4. Marc Jacob $78
5. Melina Maria extra wide enamel bracelet $78
6. Kenneth Jay Lanes $35
7. J Crew $25
8. Tiffany & Co silver with blue enamel bracelet $450
9. Hermes H enamel bracelet with gold plate$510 (SG's favorite!)
10. Tiffany & Co silver with pink enamel bracelet $825

SG picks no. 2 and 9, which are your favorites?

image: Zappo, Nordstrom, Garnet Hill, Tiffany & Co, J Crew, Bluefly


  1. Oh, you are lucky, freakin really lucky! Lately i've been feeling the same about these sorts of bracelets but i go with the super cheap alternative and don those thin indian ones. Simmilar to 6 + 7 really. Wonderful post dear.


  2. Oh, SG!

    Lucky you! I love Cartier bracelet... What a fresh colour! :D

    xoxo: Janet

  3. Number two is my favorite. Love that relook of a classic.

  4. I like the Marc and Tiffany's bracelets

  5. love the marc jacobs bracelets!

  6. I like the tiffany ones...I rarely wear bangles because I end up always having to take them off because they get in the way!

  7. it's hard to find bangles for my small wrist. some will just slip off my wrist.

  8. my sweet your page is looking very chic,love the new banner.its very you :O).also the kenneth jay lane bangles are PERFECT! would love one or two... :O)
    thank you for your amazing comment on chasing ones dreams,you are so right.
    muah x

  9. I actually sort of like these. And normally, I'm not too into accessories.

  10. I liked 8 until I realized that it had Tiffany literally stamped all over the side (it's annoying me how T is becoming so logorific). But on second thought I still like 8--I think!

  11. I love that bright orange color of #2-very pretty!

  12. thanks fot commenting :)

  13. yes! i love enamel bracelets! unfortunately i'm not very well suited to bangles because i have tiny wrists and bigass hands so anything that will fit over my hand falls almost to my elbow haha

  14. Hi there-loving the KJL bracelets and marc jacobs too, lovely picks my dear!

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