Jan 19, 2009

Ruffle & Tulle Skirts for Kids

Since Savvy Niece is in her I-Am-Only-Wearing-Skirt phase now, SG (the loving auntie) does her best finding cute ruffle tier skirts for her. Without fail, I think these will happy her jumpling for joy and my wallet will weep with delight.

1. J Crew Tier tulle ballet skirt $45
2. Gap eyelet tiered skirt $26.50
3. Gap gold tulle party skirt on sale $19.99

These will be very cute with bright color leggings and her new Converse glitter shoes here.


  1. AH i really like the pink one!

  2. i love #3. i wonder if i can fit it?! i have been looking for skirts like that to go out in. sorta puffy short skirts.

  3. I can fit into some L or XL sizes for kids. You sure can try.

  4. I love the J Crew skirt--so cute!


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