Jan 15, 2009

Qeelin: Chinese Luxury Jewelry

A Chinese luxury jewelry company making splashes globally since its 2004 launch in Paris. Every collection is inspired by merger of east and west, combining tradition and technology to produce the most unique collections.Qin Qin --- Goldfish is the latest collection by Qeelin. Qin Qin means kiss kiss in Chinese. Goldfish is a symbol of harmony in China. At the mouth of the fish, a magnetic pieces is set so two fish will be attracted to each other and kiss. Qin Qin fish retails for about $4900 and up.
Wulu which means gourd in Chinese is the first collection by the company. According to Chinese legend, Wulu is supposed to have given life to mankind. Savvy Sis introduced Qeelin to me after she purchased a Wulu pendant set with pave diamonds. Wulu collection retails for about $1000 and up.
Ling Long which means bell in Chinese is supposed to protect the wearer from bad spirits. Inside each bell, a raw diamond is place to produce crisp sounds.
BoBo which means precious represents rare endangered pandas in China. Although I like the idea but I don't know if I will actually buy this. BoBo retails starting about $4500 and up. There are 6 collections in total but I am showing the ones I find interesting.

image: Qeelin


  1. The bell necklaces are cute - though I don't how long I could stand hearing that clankity clank noise while walking! haha

  2. Ah I lvoe pandas! They are so adorable.

  3. Oh, J'adore all of them! :)

    big kisses: Janet

  4. such fun little pieces. thanks for sharing them.

  5. Cute pieces, indeed :)


  6. these pieces are very nice!


  7. These are awesome! I love the fish pendants.

  8. Of all the collection, my personal favorite is the Wulu collection.

  9. Aww the panda charm is adorable.

  10. So cute--I love the kissing fishes.


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