Jan 19, 2009

Louis Vuitton Surya XL

As much as SG tried to avoid seasonal products from Louis Vuitton, I can't help but like this Surya tote. Just looking at the display, I am attracted to the silhouette but after picking up the tote, SG is sold for the light weight, perforated Monogram detail and potential ease of use. I am really attracted to big slouchy tote recently. The double handles sit on the shoulder well, unlike some other annoying handles which keep on falling off the shoulder. The subtle gathering on both sides create that casual chic style. There are 3 colors available: black, bronze, and purple. If a gal is going to buy this patent leather bag, purple is most trendy and savviest in my opinion because the color is luxurious without going over the top. Black is great and all, but just a little boring. But, why does it have to be so un-savvy at $3360, why???

Basic Info:
-Name pays homage to the Hindu sun god who rides through the heavens in his triumphal chariot
-Rolled leather handles with link attachments
-Open top with buckled strap and cross-band with signature push-lock closure
-Large interior compartment
-Leather-trimmed zip pocket and D-ring inside
-Protective metal feet
-29.5"x 12.6"x 9.8"

image and info: eluxury.com


  1. i love the color!

    La C.

  2. I love the color, tooo and I have similar colour bag. FALOR bag! One of my favourite bag, because huge piece and comfy...

    Check this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_TrALK2n1LBo/SW0TN0U68cI/AAAAAAAACi4/kZ-Aifv9XiY/s1600-h/PC040086.JPG

    first pic...

  3. That bag is gorgeous! Love the eggplant color.

  4. Un-savvy prices, I ask myself that everyday too and also why isn't there a purse-fairy?

  5. That color is absolutely fantastic! And I definitely like that the monogram isn't too much and too noticeable.
    Great pick, too bad about the high price though :(

  6. It looks squeezably soft!

  7. This bag is to die for!! I love the deep violet color! So much more hip than the basic black patent sachel...good find!

  8. wendy: it is very squeeable soft. to die for truly!


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