Jan 23, 2009

How to Wear Hermes Scarf as Head Accessory

Often SG will tell gal pals to be a little more adventurous with scarves. These bright bold pieces of silk, cotton or linen can be worn as belt, skirt, top, head accessory, or simply around the neck. Recently I'm using them in replace of a hat to keep my head warm. Scarves come in various sizes, and shapes and it's up to us savvy gals to maximize each and every one of them. To be honest, wearing a scarf just around the neck can become a little boring after awhile. I always have lots of fun trying on different looks so hopefully you will enjoy too!left: ECHO silk chiffon scarf 36" x 36" ($78) --- It's very stylish to add a pop of color any season. And, silk chiffon is so light and airy; it will just flow with the wind. How savvy is this for spring or summer, or fall or winter?
right: a long thin silk scarf can become the most stylish headband. A Hermes Twilly here will be perfect as a headband. A Hermes Twilly is a silk ribbon 33" x 2" for $125. A square scarf can be used as well to achieve this look. From my own experience, it's easier to use a thinner material or a long thin scarf. Big silk scarf tend to become a little bulky.

The following illustrations are step by step instruction on how to use a Hermes scarf for the head:
This particular Hermes scarf has ruche detail and is not a perfect square. However, a square 24 inch will be a good replacement.
This look is really easy to do and can be achieved with a 36 inch scarf. However, anything larger than 24 inch will suffice.

This reminds me of the classic Jackie O look. This is great whenever we have the top down cruising around in the summer. My hair will stay in place and I arrive at the venue looking normal instead of crazy fly-about hair. This look is achieve with a 36 inch square scarf.
This headband using a Hermes Twilly silk ribbon has an interesting twist at the top. I have used a small ring or a small rubber band is okay as well. If using a 24 inch square scarf, then a thinner material such as chiffon is easier to use than silk which can be a little bulky.

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image: Nordstrom, Hermes


  1. Cute post. This is a great look for the summer.

  2. Lovely alternative, I will try...

    xoxo: Janet

  3. It's soo indie rockstar/Andrew Vanwyngarden! I love it!!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. I really like the Jackie O look.

  5. The blog luv award goes to you!! Check out my blog.

  6. Very nice, thanks for sharing.


  7. I love the first two. I will have to try this! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. The whole car thing stinks!
    Your blog is great!

  8. Such a great post, SG. I love love love scarfs.

  9. Hi Savvy-yes, I wore scarves the first way a lot in summer, very cool and stylish!!

  10. I love the final look the most, casual but very classic


  11. Cute - makes me very excited for summer! A lot of those looks make me think of Orthodox Babushkas :)

  12. How I wish I could tame my hair, because then I'd wear Hermes silk scarves on my hair all the time!


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