Jan 21, 2009

Gucci Clogs

I saw these Gucci clogs on Nordstrom website the other day and said to myself, "oh my gosh, are clogs trendy again?" And, after my marketing survey around various stores, I am pretty sure clogs are coming back. I have purchased several pairs back in the days but find these clogs a little hard to wear due to the hard wooden soles. I was always fearful I would trip and break both of my ankles with super high heel clogs. However, wearing wooden clogs with super high heels usually add about 4 inches to my petite height of 5'4", so that is a savvy thing.

upper left: Gucci clog $745 --- SG prefers this more traditional style since clogs are supposed to be casual so this look is more fitting for that mode.
lower right: Gucci Hysteria clog $595

So let me ask you this, are you a clog sort of gal?

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