Jan 5, 2009

Getting Whiter Teeth

A few years back, I noticed my teeth had become a little yellow due to years of coffee and such. Since SG is one of those person deathly afraid of going to the dentist, I opted for over the counter teeth whitening products. I tried Crest Teeth Whitening Strips with some skepticism but SG was delighted at the result. I have receive quite a few positive comments about my pearly white teeth. Even my dentist is surprise at how white my teeth have become without his help.

I have been using Crest Classic Whitening Strips since but have not followed instructions completely. For example, I am supposed to use the strips twice daily for 30 minutes each session but I only have time for one application daily for 30 minutes. Initially, I used the strips once a day for 14 days straight. The result was pretty good with only one application instead to twice daily per instruction. Since my teeth seems pretty white still, I just reapply again every 6 months with a 7 day session, applying once daily for 30 minutes. One thing I am going to say is my gum do become a little sensitive during the treatment process but the feeling disappears as soon as I stop whitening applications. So I am now half way through my semi-annual touch up session and still happy with the progress.

For Classic strips, each box contains 24 upper strips and 24 lower strips which last me about 18 months. For $24.99 per box, SG thinks it's pretty savvy! So how do you keep your teeth white?


  1. Wow, I need to find this! Seems pretty good. Never did anything to keep my teeth white! I just brushed teeth everyday, 3 times a day!

  2. I keep meaning to do this. I really need to whiten my teeth. And I don't even drink coffee. I think it's the red wine :-/

  3. I use the exact same stuff! Sometimes if I have a special event coming up I'll do a few days of "crash" whitening in between updates, too.

  4. Cal: Me too.... I have a whole routine going before a special event. teeth whitening is part of it.... : )


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