Jan 22, 2009

Coach Patent Wristlet

I am not generally a Coach gal, but after taking a walk inside the boutique, I can't help but like these cute colorful patent leather wristlets/clutches. Even though Coach logos are embossed allover, the bright patent leather hides these logos well. There is a little pocket inside which I think to be quite useless because the clutch is so small already, measuring 7" x 4.5" x 1.5" and costs $88 each (not too bad). The colors are brighter in real life. My favorite is the hot pink, which will be a savvy accessory addition this spring or summer.


  1. Not too bad at all for $88 but to be honest to steep even for me right now :( Thankyou for your thoughts also, i think you may be right. I infact know its right, its just so difficult to actually do *sigh*

  2. I love Coach now. They keep putting out better and better items. No more "C's" plastering everything.

  3. I think these are perfect for spring, especially the hot pink one. I am a fan of Coach but some of their collections are hit or miss for me.


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