Jan 20, 2009

Chanel Lip Gloss

After trying numerous lip gloss choices on the market, my favorite is the Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer lip gloss. I have purchased other brands before such as Dior and Guerlain but the taste is so man-made and strong, SG is quite turn off by them. With Chanel, the consistency is just right (not too thick) and there isn't any unpleasant taste. With Chanel, gloss goes on very smoothly without the feeling of something sitting on top of the lips. Also I like a little shimmer along with shine in lip glosses. And, they provide just the right amount of both. (SG is not getting paid by Chanel for saying this, but if they want to sent me samples for experimental purposes...) I am using no. 107 Equinoxe (like the middle color above) and no. 92 (silver). For $27 per tube, it's not the cheapest but shiny kissable lips are priceless, right!


  1. Totally agree that Chanel do it best with lipgloss!

  2. I LOVE lipgloss so I might have to give this one a try!

  3. I am addicted to lip balms and lip gloss, thanks! I'll try it

    Btw I might buy a sexy red :)

  4. I admit... I'm rather addicted to mine!!


  5. thank you =]

    Yes, I love my Chanel lipglosses, I own too many as it is already. But they are the very best =] xxx

  6. my favorite lip gloss and what I always have in my bag!

    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog

  7. damn right. I should try them one of those days. I'm sometimes too cheap to by Chanel makeup.

  8. Oh I love Chanel nail polish so I MUST try this.
    Thanks for sharing


  9. thank you, darling<3

    I want to play with red lips this season, and Chanel glosses are my favorite!!



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