Jan 12, 2009

Celine Boogie Bags

Ah... Celine has added a new bag to the classic Boogie collection. Savvy Sis recently purchased the Boogie Trip in caramel and loved this new style with zipper closure instead of open style of the classic Boogie. Yes, we love bags....This bag has all the attributes of classic Boogie but Savvy Sis likes her wallets and goodies secure inside the bag with a zipper closure. This satchel is definitely more structured than its classic Boogie sibling, with more protection without loosing any of the coveted style.Gal pals and I have collected various Celine Boogie bags over the years. They are very easy to use if you don't mind the open style. I will zip my wallet and keys inside the center zip pocket and leave cosmetic bag and such in the open compartments. This is more casual than the Boogie Trip bag but SG prefer this style because it's different. Although Boogie Trip is a great bag (I will be borrowing it soon in the future), there are other bags with very similar silhouette. Boogies retails for about $1300 each, which is quite reasonable for designer bags nowadays.

image: red Boogie via Celine


  1. The red... I love it. Amazing blood red color!

  2. First one! I adore!

    xoxo: Janet

  3. I have a classic Boogie in black and I really do use it often. It's versatile.

  4. Very classy! Smooth & simple!

    *Bon Don*

  5. Very nice bag!


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