Jan 3, 2009

Casual & Chic

Besides creating my own personal style, I like to take inspirations while window shopping. After all, visual merchandisers are getting paid to think of creative ways to put outfits together to attract potential clients to open up their wallets. With that, I am going to gush over this casual white tank with gold ruffle tier skirt at Ralph Lauren. This outfit got me to walk into the store to further investigate.
A basic white tank is so simple and basic which is the perfect contrast against the luxurious gold ruffle tier skirt. This look can be achieved with any basic white fitted top with any luxurious tier or ruffle skirt in any color of choice.
This look can be worn in 4 different ways: (1) with top over the skirt, (2) with a dressy belt, (3) with a color casual belt, or (4) top tuck inside the skirt. I can't wait to try this look with my new tonal pink/purple ruffle skirt with rhinestone sandals.

left to right: Ralph Lauren Organza Ruffle Skirt $199, Ralph Lauren Isabelle Ruffle Skirt $298, Aqua Ruffle Skirt $78

image: Bloomingdales, Ralph Lauren


  1. i absolutely love ruffled skirts! :) they're so pretty & feminine!

    La C.

  2. I adore ruffled skirts. I like the black Isabelle skirt. Pretty!

  3. I like the sound of your ways to wear that skirt. I trust you will show us.

    I've seen quite a few of those here in Perth.

  4. I could totally wear that first one. It's long enough. And, I think these would hide my problem area!!

  5. Hi there-a gorgeous look, I love the gold skirt best!

  6. Songy: I will once it's warmer here. Gosh I wish I am in Austrialia right now.

  7. I also adore the look of a ruffle skirt but just can't seem to manage to pull it off! These are all to die for regardless!

  8. Oh I love ruffle tier skirts, can be so stylish



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