Jan 21, 2009

Canvas Leather Birkin

Is the Birkin rage slipping? There is a canvas/leather combo Birkin in gold leather for $8000 at the South Coast Plaza Hermes boutique. It's like the one above except in gold (which is tan color) and 35 cm. SG prefers all leather but canvas/leather combo is very casual chic too. Which do you prefer?


  1. def. all leather. i'm not a big fan of canvas cuz it gets dirty easier. but i think at this point if someone owanted to give me a canvas birkin, i wouldn't complain. haha

  2. I'm also a fan of having all leather when possible. Canvas really does seem to be a sponge for dirt and dust.

  3. $8,000 for a canvas bag! holy shmoly! I like all leather better.


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