Dec 30, 2008

Valentino Glamorous Tote

I can't help but notice this handbag the other day. It's just so "Look-At-Me", absolutely unique and feminine. Indeed, I am not surprised at all this lovely is a Valentino creation. With that being said, this bag is quite heavy already without anything in there. This silk satin bag is covered with plastic paillettes and Swarovski crystals, thus explains the weight. I can imagine my niece and nephew plucking these little petals off one by one very quietly in the corner, as quiet as a mouse.
It's truly a conversational piece but SG thinks it's a show piece better left in the store rather than my closet. Also I don't know if I am willing to part with $2995 for a fun bag, even if it's absolutely unique.

image: Neiman Marcus


  1. I don't believe it. This is dazzling. My word came to halt. WoooooooooooooooW!

    xoxo: Janet

  2. So beautiful! It is truly feminine.

  3. i'm sorry if this comes up twice; something seems to be up with commenting under blogspot blogs? but i'm truly in love with that bag!!

    La C.

  4. i love this bag. i love valentino and always will

  5. its utterly fantastical!so very is beautiful! defo what dreams are made off.
    savvy gal wishing you a fabu 2009.

  6. Hee--you're so right about the little ones not being able to keep the hands off the petals. :)

  7. That is one gorgeous bag! I love it :D

    I hope you have a wonderful NYE :D

  8. Very pretty...also reminds me of a petal-y swimming cap my mother had about 35 years ago. I used to like to ruffle the petals.

  9. I just fell in love. Seriously, that is such a beautiful bag. If money weren't an issue I'd buy it right. this. second.

  10. it's very pretty. but i think it's like a bright versace dress or top, it's only good for a few times.


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