Dec 22, 2008

Shopping Monday: Savvy Silver Bags

After reigning supreme for the last few years, gold metallic apparently is not the only favorite child anymore. Silver metallic is gaining ground as the newest "IT" color. Going into 2009, silver will gain popularity as the luxury color of choice instead of gold due the current economic slump. There is an interesting phenomenon, whenever there is a recession, consumers tend become more conservative, thus prefer silver to gold. I don't think gold will disappear tomorrow but definitely I think it will phase out slowly until it's ready to come back in a big way. So ladies, don't throw away your gold accessories even if silver becomes color du jour in 2009. Also because we have stocked up on enough gold in the past years, what better way to get into a gal's wallet than a new "IT" trend.
With more structure...
1. Chanel 2.55 classic flap ~ lambskin is about $2900 (Resort 2009 collection, silver CC closure is replaced with classic rectangular twist-lock closure)
2. Celine Boogie (black one is $1300)
3. Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit $3180
Toting around Town....
4. Louis Vuitton Mahina tote $3160 (super soft and supple)
5. Marc Jacob Eve tote $1390
6. YSL Downtown tote $1595 (It's a easy tote to use, super roomy)
Print & Texture....
7. Dior Charming Cannage $1075
8. Chloe Bay Bag $1748 (sale via Bluefly)
9. Versace Boston $1590
Compact & Handy...
10. Marc Jacob Love clutch $795 (not as overwhelming as the bigger tote)
11. Chanel metallic clutch
12. Furla $195 (sale via bluefly)
13. Lauren Merkin Eve clutch $200 (SG's savvy pick)
Last but on SG's X-mas Wish....
14. Chanel Wallet with Chain in silver (about $1500)

So savvy gals, are you a silver metallic sort of gal and which bag do you like for X-Mas as Santa maybe reading....


  1. I don't look good in silver but I can't stop looking at it. I so would a bit of this trend. But, I will just enjoy it from the sidelines. But Santa I would take that Chanel purse/wallet that Savvy wrote about.

  2. ohh I want them all..I love silver!

  3. #7 is my fav from your pics. i do love silver for this season.

  4. I've got shoes and bags in silver, gold and bronze. I don't discriminate!

  5. I love both colors too. I although I don't have anything in light silver. I usually buy darker matte silver.

  6. I love silver bags! I only have one that I bought from Aldo, with a big bow on it, to wear to a wedding. So cute.

  7. I have no shoes nor bag in silver, maybe Santa will remember I've been a good girl....


  8. I want them all, Santa baby, I've been an awful good girl!


  9. the chanel chain wallet is gorgeous! i want, i want!


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