Dec 8, 2008

Shopping Monday: Hoops with a Twist

About 3 or 4 years ago SG began to like the idea of hoop earrings. BUT, I looked high and low to come up empty handed. I remembered going into Tiffany asking for larger hoops with the sales telling me no luck. Since then, SG found many pairs of hoop earrings, mostly with pave diamonds. However, I am now interested in hoops with characters and additional details. 1. Bvlgari Bvlgari white gold hoop$3300
2. Bvlgari B. Zero yellow gold hoops $2620 (SG is negotiating with Santa for them)
3. Bvlgari B. Zero simple gold hoop with charm $2450
4. Louis Vuitton yellow gold Monogram hoops $2950
5. Mattioli $1995
6. Chanel heart motif hoop earrings
7. Chanel CC logo earrings
8. Louis Vuitton Sweet Monogram $315 (SG's pick for fun)
9. Louis Vuitton a la folie hoop earrings $420
10. Dior hoop $230
11. Julie and Lau $144
12. Argento Vivo $36 (unique and savvy)
13. Juicy Couture $52
14. Juicy Couture heart shape hoops $78

Do you prefer plain hoops or hoops with a twist?

image: Bvlgari, Nordstrom, eluxury, bluefly


  1. I like both plain and with a twist. I have some that are similar to #8, that I got at Ann Taylor Loft, during the summer. I really like them.

  2. Those Chanel heart earrings are supercute!

    juliet xxx

  3. Oh these are great finds...I love hoops, but these add a special touch!

  4. this post makes me wish my ears

  5. The Chanel earrings are calling me

  6. I heart No.14...yes the gold-hearts!

  7. i love hoop earrings. I always just switch between my diamond studs or my hoops even though I have a million other earrings. Hoops are great though. I like how they peep out of my hair. Great picks, i like the Juicy ones on the bottom.

  8. Great choices--they are all beautiful! They'd make some wonderful gifts =)

  9. I love that you're negotiating with Santa for #2... please tell him to send me #7.


  10. Beauty, beauty, beautifuuuuul! :)Great find! :)

  11. no5 my fave.

    Liking the header image too! this blog is getting better and better looking every time!

  12. Before I read this post, I would have answered "plain." But now, who knows!? You chose some very cute hoops with a twist.

  13. Hi there-lovely picks here, I do love the chanel ones best. have you seen my ones with a fringe that I posted a couple of days ago?

  14. The Bvlgari ones look great. They cost a hell of a lot more than I would ever consider spending on a pair of ear rings though....


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