Dec 29, 2008

Shopping Monday: Beige Obsession

Has it happened to you before, finding nothing when everyone else comes home with loads of savvy finds? SG went shopping with some friends the other day only to came home annoyed because I had a list of what I wanted to pick up but came home empty handed. Every pair of shoes came up too big/small when they were normally my size. Recently I have been quite obsessed with patent beige heels. Patent beige is very stylish with black and color outfits. A gal can practically wear the right beige color heels year round, how smart is that idea! I wanted to find patent beige to wear with my new Armani mini dress, which is dressier than beige color plain or suede leather heels.

Classic Beige

Beige with a Twist

More Savvy Finds....

1. Jimmy Choo patent MaryJane $625 via Saks
2. Christian Louboutin $770 via Bergdorf Goodman
3. Christian Louboutin $595 via Neiman Marcus
4. Rupert Sanderson sale $295 via Net-a-Porter
5. Jimmy Choo sale$340 via Jimmy Choo
6. Giuseppe Zanotti $595 via eluxury
7. Giuseppe Zanotti sale $349 via Bluefly
8. Brian Atwood sale $325 via Net-a-Porter
9. Jimmy Choo sale $295 via Jimmy Choo
10. Dior sale $339 via Eluxury
11. Steve Madden sale $89 via Steven Madden
12. J Renee $85 via Nordstrom


  1. I love patent beige heels too - they really elongate the legs.

  2. Miss Karen just beat me too it, I was just going to say they are great for making your legs look miles longer. Oh course, you need a pretty good colour match. There's a pictureof Angelina Jolie from a few years ago where she gets it right

  3. I like them SG!
    never understand those who think Beige is a blah color...

  4. I love your finds....#11 is sooo cute and affordable too!

  5. Hi there-I do love patent beige, I think I will go for these in 2009, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I have one pair of non-patent beige shoes, and another peep toe patent leather pair. Love them!

  7. patent nude pumps are my favorite...they DO go with anything and they make my legs look super long, too! good stuff.

  8. Isn't beige pumps just the savviest. I am digging peep toes now.

  9. oh i have those jimmy's in patent red, but beige is to die for..maybe another pair...

  10. Yes, they can make legs look longer!


  11. I adore Jimmy Choo! I will take 1, and 5 please.

  12. I heart beige shoes because they are so classic and fabulous AND, most importantly, because they make your legs appear longer.

  13. YUMMY!! I want them all!!!

  14. wowww i like them .
    you can save your money by using free printable coupons.

  15. i love shoe display #1. the jimmy shoe is really cute!

  16. Hey, what is the name of your #12 J Renee show? Would really appreciate knowing!

  17. island chica M19: I tried to reply to you but can't find a email adress. Sorry, it's been a while I don't recall the name anymore.


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