Dec 29, 2008

Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Gel - Finale

It must be age, I left this post in my folder and completely forgotten about it until this week. After much hope, SG is sad to report although this gel is great in theory, it's not the miracle gel of my dream. I guess this gal is going back to exercising and healthy diet. Even though my problem areas appear a little smoother after about 10 days of use, the result promptly disappears within days after I stop daily application. Basically it's a topical treatment which will yield temporary result. When I told my guy friend who happens to be a plastic surgeon about this gel, he tried to sell me the Golden Gate Bridge again. How rude!

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  1. Funny anecdote! Looks and sounds luxuriously savvy!


  2. Hi SG! It's been a while for both of us! I hope you had a great Christmas holiday, I sure did! I think I'm with you about that cream, NOTHING beats diet and exercise. Deb


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