Dec 13, 2008

SG's Wish List

A few years back, whenever my mom offers me jewelry pieces I always refuse for reason not known to me. Now, as I become older, maybe it's age, SG is in total adoration with interesting pieces. So Santa, if you are reading my blog, I like to either receive a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet watch or VCA multi-flower ring or a Piaget Possession ring in white diamonds and black sapphires. So savvy gals, what is on your Santa wish list?

image: VCA, Piaget


  1. My list is too long! I don't care put everything down here.

    Next time SG's mother offers jewelry pieces, maybe SG will accept!

  2. Again I hope Santa reads your blog and you'll get what you wish.
    My list.... I'm still writing it :)



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