Dec 13, 2008

Reversible Watches

A little while ago SG talked about a Gucci Twirl watch, which allows a guy or a gal to turn the dial so the watch face is protected when necessary. However, I don't think I will pay around $1000 for a Gucci watch. It's a fun accessory for the season but not investment worthy. For SG to pay good money for a reversible watch I demand only the best and Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is SG's top pick. JLC Reverso case was invented in 1931 to protect the watch during polo matches. Rene-Alfred Chauvot was commissioned by Cesar de Trey of Switzerland to develop a timepiece with a case able to swivel on its own axis through 180 degrees in order to turn its back on a hard knocks and thus protect its own dial. (info. via Jaeger-LeCoultre) JLC Reverso starts at around $4000+ for the simplest design to about $100,000+ for tourbillon.
This reversible feature is great when I golf or exercise. I can still tell the time without worrying about the face.
For a stylish but savvier price, Cartier Basculante will suffice in both departments. It's a classical design great for everyday wear and the price is much savvier than JLC. I wanted this Cartier watch for the longest time until I saw the JLC.
I found a great Cartier Basculante at Jomashop for $1799.

image: Cartier, jomashop


  1. I've never seen features like that before!
    I just love the Cartier ones.

  2. I have the Cartier Basculante with my initials on the reverse side.

  3. On my list of things I must have is a classic vintage Cartier tank watch.

  4. Yes, Cartier is a classic must in a gal's jewelry box.

  5. That is brilliant! I have this problem with my watches, the glass is all scratched up!

  6. I've always loved the JLCs. Cartier makes beautiful classic watches too, though.


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