Dec 9, 2008

Purple Gucci Tote

SG is really digging soft supple tote recently after my play date with Roberto Cavalli Apple bag. Isn't this Gucci purple tote just so stylish and savvy. I saw the alligator tote in the same design a while back and really liked the silhouette but thought the price quite un-savvy. Now this tote is calling to me because it's on sale for $1249 from $2090. I have not purchased a Gucci bag in quite a few years but this one is quite stylish in SG's opinion.

image: gucci


  1. It looks a little dull to me, I'm afraid :-(

  2. i like the purple and yes, the price is so much better now that it's on sale!

  3. It might be time to splash out on Gucci now.


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