Dec 9, 2008

Paul & Shark for Sporty Guys

Paul & Shark with its colorful collection is one of my favorite brands for guys. This Italian fashion house is known for its stylish colorful sportswear. These knits wash well, colors do not fade even after man washes but I recommend hang dry instead of machine dry. These knits shrink vertically in high heat, thus becoming shorter.
Polo knits retail from about $160 ~$200, sweaters about $300 ~ $400 and jackets about $600 ~$800.
A guy who does not mind color will look super sharp in P & S menswear. The collection is casual in a sporty elegant fashion. I like the collection more than Ralph Lauren. So, what is your savvy guy's favorite brand and is he into bright colors too?

image: Paul & Shark


  1. oooh, sexy. ...mine is not into bright colors ...unless it's on a jersey of his favorite team. lol

  2. Love this prepalicious style. Quite savvy. I love Thos. Pink for men :)


  3. lovely boys! and clothes..

  4. BF swears by this brand. He has knits of all colors....

  5. Check out the NFL Fleece Throw. I got mine at Harriet Carter.


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