Dec 3, 2008

Hearts in a little blue box....

I got my first piece of Tiffany jewelry on my 16th birthday. It's a silver/gold bracelet. Since then I have added to my collection, upgrading from sterling silver into precious metals. However, I am still very much in adoration with all my silver pieces. While browsing online, I am finding these little heart stud earrings very darling at a super savvy price point, $100. I would be happy to have them today. One of my favorite designers at Tiffany is Paloma Piccaso so need I say more. Tiffany Paloma crown of hearts pendant, $100
So savvy people, do you have a love affair with Tiffany? My heart still beats a little faster whenever I see that blue box.

(image: Tiffany)


  1. awwww i got my first gift from Tiffany's last christmas from the hubby.. a pearl necklace and bracelet :)

    i totally kept the bag.

  2. I love it. My girlfriend has a Tiffany necklace and said it tarnishes...have you had that experience?

  3. Tiffany have only just opened up a store in my world and whilst I have been planning to go I still haven't, my credit card is trembling at the thought of it too.
    Also, Savvy Mode, I used one of your excellent comments on my blog as the basis for a post if you want to go read it (go on).

  4. Rachel: sterling silver will tarnish. Your friend can remove tarnish from silver using a silver polishing cloth or polish to clean everything right up. Tiffany sells polishing cloth.

  5. I too have a love affair with the blue box.... I once mentioned it to an ex of mine and guess what he got me? Candlesticks. Yes, you heard me right. Oh well . . .

    Very savvy picks!


  6. I love all of them... :D

    I have a Tiffany simple earrings. ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  7. I love Tiffany, my parents bought me my very first piece from there for my 21st in April
    (aside from the extravagent silver teething ring someone gave me when I was born hah)

  8. Too mass-produced for me. That's why I started making my own stuff!

  9. Love the crown of hearts pendant--so cute!

  10. my parents started me out with my first Tiffany's necklace in high school. Since I met J he has fulfilled that need. I have more little blue boxes than I can count and he recently gave me a beautiful amethyst ring from Tiffany's for my wedding present.

    Although I love all jewelry, Tiffany & Co will always have a special place in my heart.

    (and funny story, when my parents moved to America they did not know many American names but they saw Tiffany's store and gave that name to me!)


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