Dec 10, 2008

Do you break in your shoes?

While shopping for holiday gifts couple of days ago, I wondered into Fendi to find the biggest markdown already, 60% off shoes. My gosh, that was like music to my savvy ears. Sales must be slow because markdown usually stays at around 30 ~ 40% off before Christmas and 60% off, after Christmas.
Anyway, I fell in adoration with this pair of Fendi B patent heels and tried it on for size immediately. This style comes in black or purple patent. When I tried on my usual size 37, the heel literally fell off my foot so I thought 36.5 then. Shoe goddess must be playing a evil shoe joke on me yesterday because size 36.5 heels fit at the heel but my toes had to curl under to fit into the toe box. So this is my conversation with my SA...

SG: Darn it, such comfortable shoes and such a deal. (Girls, that pair of heels feel comfortable. I just know if I can find the right fit, I will live in them.)

SA: It's narrow in the front, you just have to break them in...

SG: I don't believe in breaking shoes in because they should just so right from the first try.

SA: We just need to stretch them out for you in the toe box.

SG: But... my toes are curled under now; I don't know if I can talk...

SA: You just have to break them in because they are patent leather.

Well, I didn't buy them because I figured at 60% off I still had to pay close to $300for them after tax. I should be able to slip my feet in these heels and say ah... perfect. So savvy people, do you break in your shoes or are you like SG, shoes should fit perfectly from the beginning? From my own experience, shoes that are break-in required usually just sits in my shoe closet and what a waste of money.

image: fendi


  1. our feet-size can be quite 'fickle' sometimes...depends on what we eat(too much sodium?) and the time of day or month!...temperature plays a part too. My dear, curled toes are not a good sign...breaking shoes is not such a good idea, especially for Cinderella... ouch! ;) Sales asst...well they do sales, I seldom listen to them somehow... The pair looks fabulous though* Better purchase next time?!

    ps: Glad you are feeling better now...Take care dear!

  2. I like to pretend that I don't need to break shoes in and then I get blisters and pain as a reward for my denial.

    I hope your cold has left the building and that you are feeling much better.

  3. heck no; your right they need to fit from the get go!

  4. A tiny bit of breaking in is allowed for me because nothing is custom-designed for one's feet, but nothing where I'd be seriously uncomfortable with fit!

  5. I think that breaking in shoes is a myth. I've never been able to successfully do it, and all I get is blisters and foot cramps.

  6. Oh God, shoes must be comfortable for me, or else they stay on their place.


  7. I'm with you, no poorly-fitting shoes allowed. You were absolutely right not to go for them. I think a tiny bit of break-in is reasonable, but improper fit? Nope.

  8. the only part i need to break in is the heel. I get blisters on my heal with every shoe for the first few wears, but then after they're perfect :)

  9. i really should break in my shoes! i'm not patient enough for that!


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