Dec 20, 2008

Color Trend: Black & White

Spring is in the air already inside malls of America while the weather is still cold and chilly outside in the real world. While doing a little shopping the other day, SG noticed black and white combination displays at various windows. Actually I do like this crispy contrast of pure whiteness and blackness which is just clean and simple. Like beige, black/white combo is a classic. To me, white represents the angel inside me while black, the impish devil. I think inside everyone of us there is a certain combination of angelic goodness and a little imp of a devil.
This white with black trim dress is quintessential Chanel classic and elegance. Too bad the price tag is very Chanel too at $5335.

Adding a contrasting white or black accessory can also help to produce black/white combo mode (see figure on left - black outfit with white floral accents) .
Y-3 white tee with black stripes on sale via Eluxury $105 (SG adores Y-3 for sporty styles)
Dolce & Gabbana polka-dot silk loose top $495
Diane von Furstenberg jacket $595 (love this look, casual and stylish, not jailbird-ish at all)
DVF knit dress $298
Tuleh black top $995 zebra print skirt $885
Marchesa contrast bow front gown $1155

1. Tory Burch black white Kerry clutch $350
2. Chanel black white flap bag
3. Puma black white photo print sneakers $150
4. Dolce & Gabbana grosgrain trim pump $575
5. Banana Republic black white ring on sale $25
For those not too crazy about black/white combination, pairing plain black and white piece together are very stylish as well. Above example from Valentino is a very stylish and simple which can be replicated at any price point. I found a similar skirt from Valentino Red which is still stylish but without the hefty price tag of Valentino black label. (Valentino Red silk organza skirt via Saks $495)

Also plain black and white maybe a little boring at times, so I would definitely use an accessory such as a color bag, shoes scarf or bracelet) to add a bit of jazz to the black/white look. SG would love to pair the skirt on right with a black fitted top and a red Valentino bag (as seen above).

So savvy people, are you a black/white sort of person?

image: Saks 5th Ave, banana republic, eluxury, bergdorf goodman, tory burch


  1. I love the contrast between black and white - polar opposition! It looks so chic and classy.

  2. I've never done black & white, it always says 'waiter' to me. But looking at that Valentino display has completely changed my thinking.

  3. Hi there-black and white is such a chic mix, forever timeless and classic, lovely picks here Savvy!

  4. B+W is so classy, but I hope, for my mental safe that there will be other colours ;)


  5. Hi Savvy,

    I agree Sharon Rose. Black & white combination forever chic and classic look. :) I adore... One of my favourite fashion house is CHANEL! :D

    xoxo: Janet

  6. Very cute pump!

  7. I adore black and white! So chic!

  8. I love the first t-shirt and those Dolce and Gabbana pumps are to die for!!

  9. Great picks. They are all so lovely!

  10. I don't really do black and white but Chanel makes it very chic.

  11. It's so wonderfully classic... you just can't go wrong!

  12. I love black and white together. It's perfect for my minimalist approach.

    You had great picks in this post, SG.

  13. black and white is totally me! it's always going to be the most classic colour combo!

  14. You can never go wrong with black and white, it's so chic and effortless!!!


  15. We think that our collection YuKoN black & white matches perfectly to all examples above:


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