Dec 17, 2008

Color Trend: The Beige Look

While at Chanel the other day, SG noticed lovely beige color dresses on display. I am thinking ah... is beige the new white for spring? Beige is such a classic elegant color, savvy for all skin tones. Chanel is the epitome of elegance and classical fashion and style. I love how these dresses are paired with lovely pearl necklaces, beige bags and gold chains. Beige on beige is very soft and elegant.

Besides, Chanel, various fashion houses are showing classical beige in the upcoming spring season.
Clean & Simple
left - Chloe
right - Calvin Klein
Classic shirt dress
left - Hermes
right - Louis Vuitton
Ruffle & Feminine
left - Miu Miu
right - 3.1 Philip Lim
Catherine Malandrino lace beige dress $695 (SG adores these cutout details)
Dior beige Fringe Cut Dress $2590
Cynthia Steffe short trench beige dress with belt $305
Banana Republic beige color block dress $98 (Savvier in price than Chanel with similar design and shape)

What to pair with beige outfits:
Something metallic and sequined will be very glam for evening parties. This will sure jazz up any conservative classical beige look.
-Miss Dior gold metallic peep toe pumps $590
-Prada sequined peep toe pumps $850
These classic heels are great for daytime into the night. Patent will make a day outfit even more luxurious and stylish.
-Gucci peep toe platform pumps $575 (SG's pick for day shoes)
-Prada Mary Jane $620
For those gals wanting a little contrast and pop to her outfit, a little color or contrast will instantly add a little drama to the beige look.
-Sergio Rossi color block pumps $625 (SG's pick for multi-purpose shoes)
-Jimmy Choo beige/black peep toe heels $725

BTW, for those Chanel fans, the dress on right is about $1900 and dress on left about $3100. SG personally adores the fitting and the silhouette of the dress on right. Not to mention, the price is savvier too, not that $1900 is pocket change. So savvy gals, how will you wear a beige look?


  1. Hi Savvy,

    Ooooooh, What a LOVELY Chanel things! Mhmmmmmmmm... Heartbreaker dresses! :D

    kisses: Janet

  2. oooh i'm lovin all of these.. i love beige/nude colored dresses!

  3. Oh you're right, beige is so elegant! I absolutely love metalics!

  4. I love beige shoes..they make your legs look so much longer!

  5. Oh I love these - seems like that color could work any season!

  6. I think you're right, beige is getting stronger. I love to use it in the "dancer -look".

    juliet xxx

  7. I think beige is such a great colour, especially teamed with a bright one too. I don't think I own any beige though!

  8. Beige is beautiful! It's so easy to wear. xx

  9. Beige on beige is elegante, but depending of the skin colour can make people look sick.


  10. I don't dare do beige, but I admire all the girls who can, and both the Chanel dresses.

  11. Mmm beige on beige? that's a thought! I really like the look at Phillip Lim

  12. These are so elegant. I would be terrified to stain them!

  13. definitely liking it for sprint with gold and bronze mixes.

  14. I am loving the nude shoes with a printed dress, plus they elongate legs! I love the nude/beige dresses too, gorgeous!

    Thanks for commenting my blog, yes the spinach dip is amazingly delish!


  15. i usually don't do beige and beige think it might be too boring but looking at chanel outfits make me rethink this combo. i think it's about accessorizing and mixing various textures and beige tones.

  16. I love the beige with pearls. Beige is not one of my better colors. I love it, but it doesn't love me.

  17. If I looked good in beige it would be my second favorite clothing colour to black. I think it is such a super chic and sophisticated colour.

  18. beige is cool. but I love how crisp white is. I mean on the bus this girl was wearing these hot white heels. It was like a smack to the face, I mean the middle of winter and white heels? but yeah It was still hot, it just worked. IDK, kind of hoping for a clean crisp white for this spring.

  19. Thanks for saying "beige" and not "nude"!

  20. i love that last pair of jimmy choos. i wish i could do beige but it is absolutely the worst color on me.


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