Dec 19, 2008

Charlie Palmer @ South Coast Plaza

It's not a secret SG loves to eat and find lovely new places to visit, especially desserts. SO, after hearing so many rave reviews about Charlie Palmer, gal pal and I went to lunch there yesterday to see for ourselves. Maybe it's the holidays because the dinning room is still almost full at 2 PM in the afternoon, much to my surprise. We ordered lunch prix fix which cost only $26 for a 3 course meal. But, this is really for light appetite. I was able to finish my entire meal. I can't wait to try other entrees with BF in the future.

Butter squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and smoke ham ravioli
Arugula salad with blue cheese
Hanger steak with fresh vegetables
Baby shrimps with risotto
Apple tartin with raspberry mouse and cinnamon ice cream

SG conclusions: Savvy Eat

Service: Courteous but don't expect in-out meal. Our lunch took about 1.5 hours.
Price: It's pricey (SG expects to pay about $75 per person with tip for a 3 course meal without alcohol)
Food: Very good
Venue: Open/spacious/luxurious

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