Dec 15, 2008

Casual Sportiness

As many of you may know by now, SG is a big fan of Lacoste. I like these bright color knits and sweaters. They are quite reasonably priced for the style and quality. Savvy Sis and I agree these color knits wash well but do not dry in the dryer if you want the color to stay bright. These are my basic golf outfits.

I took an advantage of Lacoste sale a couple of weeks ago to stock up more casual pieces for myself. As much as a gal needs to dress up for work and special events, it's equally important to let the hair down. But, being casual doesn't mean sloppy or wearing PJ's all day long. Casual is about comfort, relaxation and still stylishly pull together.
My Look:
Lacoste 3/4 sleeve grey knit dress with hoodie (SG adores 3/4 length sleeve because they are never in the way and show off bracelets and accessories perfectly)
Ann Taylor fuchsia cashmere scarf for a pop of color
Emporio Armani fitted denim jacket (SG's favorite denim piece since Savvy Mom took my Chanel denim jacket)
Nike turquoise/silver sneaker
I used a black Prada nylon messenger bag to finish my outfit but SG would love to mix and match with these accessories as well.
Grey Michael Kor on sale for $878 from $1299 (via Zappo). This bag can be very casual or dressy depending on a gal's outfit. The soft grey color will go with almost any color combination.
Or, to be really casual sporty, messenger bag by Stella McCartney for Adidas, on sale $180 from $229 (via Zappo), will fit the ticket. I really like the double handle along with the long strap for wearing cross body. This is a casual tote for running around about town or traveling. Again the color is very neutral so will go well with almost any color.
Ever since I got my niece her glitter shoes, I couldn't help but fall in adoration with these glitters from Converse for casual glam looks. SG doesn't own a pair of UGG but I am so cold recently I really want to buy a pair in grey. They are sort of cute with jeans and mini skirts.
-Converse glitter sneaker $55
-Converse sequins sneaker $82 (SG's first choice)
-UGG short boots in grey $184

So savvy people, what is your favorite sporty look or are you the dressy type?

image: Nordstrom, Lacoste


  1. Ah anything wit glitter captures my heart! Hahaha

  2. Both hubby and myself wear Lacoste for golf.

  3. I wish more people did casual your way. I literally saw people in pajamas in a store yesterday! Pajamas!

  4. Hi CC,

    I adore Lacosta items. You are a pretty, sporty girl! Haha! Nice! ;)

    xoxox: Janet

  5. I do like Lacoste..but work out gear I love hard tail pants..they never shrink and they are so comfortable!

  6. I love that knit dress with the jacket. Very cute combo. It's been so cold here lately, I've been wearing my Ugg-like shoes with skinny jeans almost everyday.

  7. Thanks for my comment on my blog - I used to adore watching CSI at night, but now it starts messing with my mind :)

    I am a huge Lacoste fan...and I took full advantage of their sale, stocking up on Christmas presents, as well as a few for moi :) Something about all the bright colors does something for me.

    I also adore Stella McCartney for Adidas shoes for when I work out.

  8. I am pretty casual most of the time. It's more comfortable. Like what my sister said, once a person is a mommy, it's very hard to wear white delicate laces and ruffles.


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