Dec 13, 2008

Blossoms in the Hair

As much as I demand a great stylish yet hassle free haircut from my stylist so I can just dry and go, SG also pay the least amount of attention to hair and hair accessories. The other day, while browsing through a catalogue, I came across this picture of a gal with a silver floral brooch in her hair. Wow, she just glam up instantly and how outstandingly stylish is this for an evening event!I figured, it would be quite savvy to accessorize my hair with pretty blossoms. Having hair accessories are different from a necklace or a ring because they really do become the center of attention and the right accessory will just pop, making a gal's whole look just so much more stylish. SO, I went on a hunt for floral accessories for my hair. I came across these....
orchid floral bobby pins $30 each (via flower clip)
fuchsia Gerber daisy $14 each (via flower clip)

silk floral hair clip/brooch $38 (via Nordstrom)
Chanel Camellia hair comb $188 (via Bluefly)
floral headband in silver $42 (via Nordstrom)
floral elastic headband $220 on sale (via Marni) This particular piece is really cute and eye catching on the sales associate but when I try it on me, somehow it just won't stay in place. It's quite frustrating.
OR, if floral head accessories are not your cup of tea, perhaps a floral clutch will help to jazz up a gal's look.


  1. These are so pretty! I love that brooches have been making a comeback.

  2. I'm in love with broaches and embellished headbands. Especially love the silver headband and the purple silk flower.

  3. I really love hair accessories! The ones "Gossip Girl" Blair used to wear are amazing and those you posted in the photos are awesome too.
    Keep in touch

  4. Stunningly savvy! Love the silver in particular, and how you offer another option in the clutch for those who don't do the bow-in-the-hair thang!


  5. I love the orchid bobby pins--so pretty!

  6. Most hairpieces slip out of my hair, too. They're awfully cute, though.

  7. Hi Savvy,

    Wow! Lovely first pic...

    xoxox: Janet

  8. i LOOOVE hair accessories! i love everything pictured here!

  9. Such a pretty idea! I wore white orchids in my hair for my HS grad, and everyone commented on how pretty it was, so I can certainly vouch for this look!

    My fav is the silk brooch from Nordstrom's but it's so big you'd need equally big hair to wear it!


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