Dec 7, 2008

Battle of: Chanel Croc vs. Alligator Flap Bag

Ah.... Classic Chanel flap bag, if money is not an issue, SG would just love to have an exotic Chanel classic flap in large. From my past experience, this is an investment a gal won't regret and will enjoy for years. I imagine I will still love this classic when I am 60 years old and will pass it down to my daughter. I told BF that, but he didn't buy my reason. I have gotten classic Chanel pieces from my mom with no complaints from me. SG prefers twist/lock double CC closure. This alligator retails for $28950. Classic flaps are very easy to use with zipper and patch pockets inside.
Chanel croc retails for $34500. Since croc is not available in California, I guess I can potentially save $5500, which allows me to buy a Hermes SO Kelly in 26 cm or 2 more Chanel Classic flaps in plain leather. Besides, both are exotic and who is really going to tell the difference. I don't think one is better than another. BF says I can potentially save $30,000 if I leave the bag in the store. So savvy gals, which do you prefer, croc or alligator if money is not an issue?

image: neiman marcus


  1. If money is no issue, I will buy over the whole of Chanel. Get Hermes birkin in every single color! What's the diff between croc or alligator? :X

  2. Croc, hands down!

    Very savvy!


  3. I have a couple of croc bags from the '40s, and that'll hold me, I think. I couldn't part with the money required to procure a new croc bag. These are gorgeous, though.

  4. The color on the first one is beautiful.

  5. I love the first one. The colour of it is so fantastic! xxx

  6. ooh, tough choice but between these two I prefer the CC twist lock so I'd go for that one.

  7. I am not savvy enough to tell the difference between croc and aligator. I say get the Birkin and leave the gators in the fashion swamp.;-)

  8. I must say that I prefer the croc bag, even though both are gorgeus and extremely luxurious!


    P.S. Again, I love your blog header - very festive! :)

  9. I love the savvy apple green!


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