Dec 23, 2008

Air Travel Necessities & Tips

Back in the days when my airline of choice provided savvy in-flight care package with products such as L'Occitane facial and hand lotion along with match lip balms and comfy slippers, SG would be radiant upon arrival. Now, with the cutbacks, travelers are lucky to get water and on time departure. I usually prepare an in-flight package for myself in order be stay hydrated and radiant upon arrival, of course keeping in mind all the restrictions about liquids and creams. So there is my must-have list when I flight trans-Atlantic or Pacific:

1. Sample size of my favorite facial and hand lotions, which is La Mer
2. Flip flops and socks (they are also great for inside the hotel as SG refuses to walk barefoot inside a hotel room)
3. Bottle water (I avoid drinking soda and alcohol to maintain hydration)
4. Clothe hydrating facial mask to rehydrate my face half way through the flight, I usually wait until everyone is asleep because I have gotten more than one curious look. Neutrogena works really well for me. After the 15 minute session (no need to rinse off), my skin is soft and radiant. I am serious!
5. A good book and laptop
6. Bring healthy snacks
7. Comfy traveling "cotton" clothes
8. Lip balm
9. Disposable contact lenses (I will switch to glasses after about 2 hours into my flight.)
10. Pepto Bismal! Trust me, I have heard many upset stomach stories on long haul flights which are not appropriate for polite company and dinner table.

So savvy people, what are some of your flight necessities to make your trip comfortable?


  1. Hi Darling!
    Thank you for sharing your traveling tips!
    I fly a lot to Europe which is extremely exhausting,( usually 8 hours or longer) so I just try to fall asleep to get the time to pass faster. My number one must haves is a small comfy pillow :) oh...and sunglasses...I don't like people staring at me when i'm, so I just hide behind the sunglasses

  2. Hi baby,

    Thanks your tips. Great tips!

    xoxo: Janet

  3. Wow, I haven't gone overseas for a long time. Great post :D

  4. these are great tips honey! just wht a girl needs to look refreshed upon destination.
    I like to have a great moisturiser,lip balm,water to keep me hydrated,water based face spritzer,paracetamol as all that cabin pressure gives me head and ear aches,gum to keep my ears from blocking up,snacks oh and fashion magazines & my Bible.
    happy holidays.

  5. Dear SG, how are you beautiful!
    great tip! I love evian mist spray & Cle de Peau Beaute -lotion tendre; it's the best and non greasy! Happy Holidays to you dear! kisses*

  6. Love all this savvy advice!


  7. Great advice - I need these all the time!

  8. good got just about everything I bring with me! one thing i always tuck away in my carry on is an extra pair of underwear. you never know if your luggage is going to get to your destination at the same time you do and it is a pain to have to wear the same pair the next day if your bags haven't arrived yet!

  9. Great picks, I completely agree! My items are my favorite cozy cashmere blanket, my phone, laptop, fashion magazines, a bottle of Smart Water, a good book, my ipod, and a soft pillow... Maybe some comfy/cute flats also, and heels to change in after wards!


  10. wow, such great tips from everyone.

  11. Love your flip-flops idea. I don't walk barefoot in hotel rooms, either.

  12. I will also bring a pillow and toothbrush with me too.

  13. ha this is cute :) happy holidays ox

  14. Excellent picks!!

    I also usually travel with a bottle (miniature now, of course) of the Evian misting spray - it does wonders for the skin in terms of rehydrating :)
    I also load up bottles of SmartWater, a copy of W, my iPod, moisturizing lip balm (I love Burt's Bees), and key makeup items for touch ups.


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