Nov 30, 2008

What to do after Tod's Moccasin sole/rubber beads wear down...

Tod's moccasins are perhaps SG's favorite flats to run around town because they are just so very comfortable. I must say though, they are not perfect. After a time, little rubber beads on the bottom wear out, making these flats unwearable since there isn't a real sole on the bottom.Tod's shoes are so well made, even after years of wear, they are like the Energizer Bunny, still going except for the beads on the bottom.
I don't want to just throw them away since they cost quite a bit so this is my solution....
Just have your cobbler remove worn down beads and replace with rubber sole. Voila, these Tod's flats are good to go again. My cobbler charged me about $30.


  1. Thanks for your message.
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  2. Hi there-brill idea, well done for being so savvy!!

  3. hurray
    now, to get some Tod's loafers and wear them down.

  4. this is genius! the upper of those shoes im told last like forever so good that you changed the sole my dear.very savvy!

  5. i know this is an old post, but i was reading your other tod's post. and the soles wearing down makes me hesitant of buying tod's since they are too expensive to just throw away. this is a genius solution!!!


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