Nov 13, 2008

How To: Wash Cashmere, is it okay?

SG adores cashmere but dislike the idea of dry cleaning. It's not about money, rather I dislike the idea of chemical. So after coming across a how to care for cashmere article on TSE, I decided to investigate hand washing my own cashmere. After my talk with an associate at TSE, I purchased a silk/cashmere cleanser from Nordstrom and washed a cashmere scarf to test.

(Before picture on top and after on bottom/color variation due to different light source)
I am happy with the result. The weave becomes a little softer and slightly fuzzy but after steaming the scarf, it looks pretty good to me. The color remains the same as before.
According to the associate at TSE, she recommends washing only cashmere knits such as scarves and sweaters and dry clean cashmere coats. And, alternate between hand washing and dry cleaning to prevent cashmere knits from becoming fuzzy.

My washing tips:

1. make sure whatever cleanser you use is cashmere safe.
2. soak for a few minutes and handwash cashmere knit gently (do not put in washing machine even in gentle cycle)
3. squeeze out excess water gently first and roll inside a dry towel to further dry 4. dry flat on another dry towel to prevent cashmere knit from stretching
5. gently iron/steam knits to remove wrinkles and to rid of excess fuzziness (for a lack of a better word).

***Savvy gals, remember to try on an older piece or a piece you don't care for much before washing your prized cashmere.***

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  1. I had a cashmere sweater that I always machine washed or handwashed.
    It never came to any harm...except I lost it at a friends somewhere!

  2. I always wash my cashmere by hand, in cold water and with a gently soap...

  3. I printed your post on how to wash cashmere. But, I still haven't actually washed anything. I am scared. I am worried I am going to ruin my lovely cashmere. But, this weekedn I am going to bite the bullett and try it.

  4. this is good to know since I hate dry cleaning

  5. Did not know that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have never washed cashmere and I think I will be going forward. But, I don't think anyone should try washing cashmere jacket or coat.

  7. This could be a better option than my way of dealing, which is "try not to sweat so you don't have to clean it right away." TMI?

  8. Thanks for this post! I get so tired of wasting my money at the dry cleaners, I'll have to try this.

  9. I know just what you mean about the chemicals/dry cleaning but I just know they'd get ruined if I had to wash them myself...

  10. Oh wow, this is SO helpful!

  11. Thanks for sharing these tips )

  12. ooh thanks for this! I have never tried to wash my cashmere. will follow your tips!


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