Nov 7, 2008

Trend08: Long Sweater Cardigan

With coming of winter, SG is thinking of sweaters, cashmere and coats. Recently, I am thinking of long comfortable sweater cardigan. Apparently every other designer under the sun is trying to entice us gals with lovely long cardigans of wool and cashmere. These pieces are casual effortless chic for chilly winter days for the office or just running about town.1. Loro Piana $2295 -- classic conservative
2. Loro Piana belted long cardigan $2350 (This cashmere cardigan is so soft and supple, I have to take it off with regret. This is a versatile classic piece great for business or casual. Thin leather tie makes this piece more fun and younger.)
3. Chloe with scarf cardigan $1695 -- SG adore wide bell sleeves
4. Chloe $2150 (SG loves this fun classic color block cardigan/scarf set, too bad scarf is an extra $1000, ouch!)
5. Fendi $1600 --classic
6. Diane von Furstenberg $465 (SG's pick, I like the chunky look and the neckline.)
7. Banana Republic wool cardigan $98
8. Banana Republic belted long cardigan $150 (SG likes!)
9. Banana Republic one button long cardigan $225
10. Halogen $98 (great buy!)
11. Juicy Couture $328
12. Fever $98

So savvy gals, do you prefer your cardigans long or short? SG is loving this comfy style now.

image: bergdorf goodman, cusp, nordstrom, banana republic


  1. Hi there-I'm loving the DVF one too! I haven't got one, only because I haven't found the perfect one yet!

  2. Love the 2nd and the 8th variant )))

    Have a nice weekend )))

  3. Love these! I found a really cute, inexpensive version at Old Navy a few weekends ago. I simply couldn't pass it up.

  4. The juicy one is amazing! I love the shades of grey too.

  5. I'd love to find just the perfect long cardigan. Buttons are an issue with me. They can't be too large (cute) or too cheap. In fact, I often re-button my cothing b/c I'm so fussy . . .

  6. This is a akey piece for autumn - great roundup! I think the Fever one is super-savvy because of the peplum coat effect. Loving the flower profile photo, btw!


  7. I really, really wish my body looked good in these longer sweater/coats! I love number 12 :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. These all look dreary to me.

  9. totally love long cardigans mixed with every look out there, but those are hella expensive ones, gorg but defintely out of my league

  10. I am not usually a cardigan gal but i am loving some long styles this season. there is another TSE i absolutely adore but i couldn't find an image.

  11. oh, I'm definitely loving long cardigans. They're far comfier than the shorter ones, and I find them more flattering too.

  12. So, I really like the look of these, but unfortunately, I'm quite hippy, and these really accentuate that. :(

  13. oh, wow—they're back??

    i wish i had not given mine away from a few years ago! oh, well—guess that means i just have to go buy more. gee darn!

  14. I found a really great long gray cashmere cardigan last year, and I wore it all the time. I was surprised by how much I loved it.

  15. long sweater cardigans are the best! i wish they would never go out of style!


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