Nov 15, 2008

Modern LBD

It's that time of the year which there are endless rounds of parties and dinners to attend. SG thinks every gal needs a few little black dresses (LBD) in the closet for those events which need dressing up. I always buy special dresses for special events but when the event happens I usually have nothing to wear and needs to go shopping again (sounds familiar?). Even if I go shopping for special events, it doesn't hurt to have fabulous backups. A gal just can't go wrong with little black dresses, they are classic and slimming.1. Oscar de la Renta bow detail dress $1990 (classic de la Renta)
2. Armani Maxine dress $898 (stylish and classy)
3. Ralph Lauren cashmere dress $855 (great for day or night) -- SG's pick b/c I can get more uses out of this LBD
4. Blumarine tank dress $1250 (fun and flirty)
5. Versace jersey dress $1430 (stylish goddess)
--I can't decide between no. 4 and 5, what about you?
Both savvy in their own ways, although I think no. 7 will have a longer closet life.
6. Milly $360 (very savvy with beige or gold color heels)
7. D&G by Dolce Gabbana pintuck dress $455 (very un-D&G but oh so classic for almost any age)

8. Norma Kamali drape jersey $219 (savvy buy)
9. Lauren by RL jersey 3/4 sleeves dress $134 (savvy buy great for day to night)

I don't think I can pick one over another. What about you, which is your ideal LBD?

image: bergdorf goodman, bluefly, nordstrom


  1. I think all great, very difficult to choose.


  2. the norma kamali dress is my favorite!
    looks so interesting!

  3. Oooh! Lovely picks. I personally own a strapless and another one that looks very similar to the Dolce Gabbana pintuck dress, so I would choose one with three-quarter length sleeves. That's a great price for the RL one!

  4. Hi savvy-I love number 3 too and the Milly, number 6. I love how form fitting they are. have a great weekend!

  5. Fabulous finds, each and every one! Can't believe the reasonable prices on some of these---and of course the more expensive ones are exquisite.

    I'm a total victim of the LBD---every time I tell myself I'm going to branch out and try something new, I find myself going back to it! As a result I have ONLY black dresses!

    I'm especially loving the Norma Kamali one here. It's an amazing price for a really unique piece (that looks totally comfy, too!)

  6. I saw a really pretty lace one at Banana that I may wait until it goes on sale and get.

  7. LBD is a must in a gal's closet. Will have to check out BR. Maybe Club Monaco as well.

  8. I think I like #1 for its unusual but flattering shape. And I am not happy that it is the most expensive one on your fine list! Phooey!

  9. They all remind me of 'Audrey' dresses

  10. no. 7 and 9 will do be perfectly!

  11. everything is lovely. i just wish i had one of those. o_O

  12. how to choose!! love them all!

  13. oh man LBDs are my fave ! i got so excited when i saw this post! my fave is all of them! but prob number 6 is the one i'd be most excited to wear!


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