Nov 16, 2008

Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet

Maybe SG's pocket is not deep enough but I can't see myself shelling out $1000 for this leather bracelet, although I do think it's fun in a stylish punk rock fashion, after trying it on myself. I feel I can find equally cute bracelets from other premium designers for half or one-third of the price, which is much savvier for the wallet. I don't mind paying for Hermes products, but this leather bracelet just does not call out to me.

pro reasons:
rock and roll fashion
Hermes quality
casual chic statement piece

con reasons:
un-savvy price @ $1000
not for frequent uses (hard to wear to work unless in fashion industry)
fun not a classic piece

What about you, is it savvy or not so much for you?

image: Hermes


  1. It must be good to be so filthy rich.

  2. Love the bracelet and but the price.

  3. it's definetely a very unsavy price!!

  4. OMG ... it's perfection:) wow

  5. it's hot, it's hot.

    the price tag sucks.

  6. It is totally gorgeous and hot, but too expensive :-(

  7. I have a problem, so I don't know if I will be much help. If I love something so much, the price won't deter me, i'll tell myself it's too fabulous to pass up.
    It is a gorgeous bracelet.

  8. It not being classic makes the pricetag difficult for me. I'd love it if someone wanted to give it to me, however.

  9. I have a smaller Hermes studded cuff and never got to wear it much. I'm not Kate Lanphear, after all.

  10. thanks wendy for your experience. i think i will skip this and maybe get the enamel bracelet instead. the collier de chien is cute but $1000 is a little pricey.

  11. It may be an unsavvy price... but I still covet that fabulous orange box... ;)


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