Nov 10, 2008

SG'Style: Going to Sushi

Both BF and I love to eat. Besides visiting our favorite locations, we will try to find a new restaurant to try once a week. On Friday, we found a new sushi place which is inexpensive and delicious.
my look:
-Benetton grey short sleeve sweater
-Diesel jeans with short white fringes (I trimmed these fringes down a while ago)
-Emporio Armani coat
SG can wear it 4 ways and I adore the raspberry trimming on the inside. (click here to see other ways to wear this trench)
-Sergio Rossi heels


  1. mmm.... I LOVE sushi too.
    That trench coat is brilliant! I especially love how it's so versatile.

  2. Love those shoes. Enjoy the sushi. I love it with extra wasabi. Yummy!

  3. honey i love that you and the BF try to try a new restaurant every fun is that! That raspberry lining is fab!
    hope your having a good week so far.

  4. I never ate sushi in my life. But I wanna' try it. =)

  5. thanks so much for visiting my blog. all the best on blogging.

  6. great outfit, very classic, and I LOVE the red shoes! What a fun kick of color!

  7. i love that coat!! the trim is beautiful!

    La C

  8. how chic, i love the fit of the pants and the mix of the trench adds an extra umph. shoes are too cute

  9. thanks everyone. i usually try to add a splash of color to a conservative outfit, ie shoes or bag.

  10. oh, the sushi place i've gone to didn't offer wasabi at all. we ate sushi just dabbing with a little soy sauce only.

  11. oh I so envy that trench!

  12. Cute ensemble!
    INEXPENSIVE sushi is a BIG plus! GOOD sushi is another plus... but it is sooooo expensive usually... why is that? Fish isn't terribly expensive... hmmm
    One of my neighbors goes to the ocean t fish and brings me FRESH ahi and yellowtail... I cut it up for sashimi... YUM and I love that price... FREE!
    BTW... adore the Kelly bag too!

  13. I love this combination... casual chic meets gorgeous trench and fabulous heels!!!

  14. WOW, I love those shoes, like Bella said gorgeous trench and fabulous heels.


    (I don't eat sushi, I'm vegetarian)

  15. Great outfit! I love the mix of the grays.

    I adore sushi too. Just found a good sushi place right here in my hometown. You know what I love? Settling down to watch "What Not to Wear" with some fab sushi takeaway on Fridays! Kinda lame, but I look forward to it all week. ^_^

  16. wow i love that trench coat! and the red stilettos make it look sexy hot!

  17. that trench is awesome! love it and those shoes!


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