Nov 3, 2008

Shopping Monday: Glam Evening Gowns

Even though evening gowns are mostly for celebs and socialites attending red carpet events as us normal gals seldom have occasions to warrant such fancy frocks, I am still enamored with the idea of a romantic fancy gown, especially light as air tulle or silk. 1 and 2 classic romantic Chanel tulle evening gowns (SG likes both)
3 and 4 glam ladylike Oscar de la Renta evening gowns
5 and 6 bright and bold Christina Dior gowns
7 and 8 stylish and sleek Badgley Mischka gowns (SG picks 7)
9 and 10 traditional romantic Carolina Herrera gowns
11 and 12 savvy goddess Versace gowns (SG picks 12, this piece in a shorter version will be so stylish for dressy dinners and nights out.)

Well savvy gals, which is your pick going to the ball?



  1. I am strangely drawn to #1 and yet I know it would look horrible on me. I do sometimes wish my life required such lovely frocks. It is fun to dream---but not as fun as going.;-)

  2. i like #10, even though i could not pull off strapless. it's beautiful nonetheless:)

  3. all these dresses are so beautiful Savvy Gal! i cant chose,im terible like that,may i have all? ;o)they are so dreamy.
    have a lovely day dear

  4. Oh I like 11 and 12 but I fear that you have to be a near stick to carry it off.

  5. Versace 'minimal' look is fab! The last couture show was perfection I thought...and this is all coming frm someone who has never into this house label...

  6. The Chanel tulle skirt is amazing!!

  7. I adore evening gowns, even though as you say, I might not be wearing one in a long, long time... My fave: the 2nd one, with all that tulle! and #8, so sexy!

  8. I quite like the last four.

    Good that you have occasions to wear something like these!

  9. I surprised myself by choosing #2 and #11. Who knew!

    What savvy picks!

  10. Absolutely love the first one )


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