Nov 29, 2008

Dior Mobile Phone

Talk about brand loyalty and super luxury. SG just can't imagine spending a big pile of money on designer label phones, no matter how much I like that fashion house. For any gal interested, these Dior phones start at about $5100 to about $27,000 (for black sapphire crystal and pave diamond). What about you? SG can buy half a BMW X5 already, I that that is savvier!

image: neiman marcus book


  1. A very stylish phone, but extremely expensive as well (((

  2. Agreed.

    Besides, what about the risks!? Theft, loss, dropping it in the toilet, etc.

  3. well that cheap (NOT). do you know Vertu? Now that phone is right up there in the luxury phone scale.

    That said, yeah you can buy a car with that kind of money. Mine cost only 24k AUD. LOL

  4. seriously ridiculous to buy a phone that expensive!


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