Nov 16, 2008

Dear Santa: SG needs a Hermes Kelly Clutch...

This is not the most practical of bags but isn't this little Hermes Kelly clutch just the cutest though? I have set up play dates with this clutch at the boutique couple of times already in orange and red but I am still trying to find a good reason to take it home because SG feels a little guilty spending about $3600 on a little bag.

Pro Reasons:
-classic design
-roomy enough for a small wallet, small cell phone and keys and lipstick
-can be causal or dressy
-SG will adore it for years

Con Reasons:
-it's a little small for everyday use
-unsavvy price at about $3600

How much will you spend on a clutch?



  1. I have a Gucci clutch and Anya Hindmarch (both vintage) that I need to use, but I adore this Hermes one, its divine!

  2. oh I'm a cheap ass.. I won't spend more than 100 probably. :)

  3. cuteeeeeeeeeee.

    but err, i don't know how much i would. it's still my mom who buys my things. ^^

  4. I would love to have that in red!

  5. i hope you do get that clutch!

    personally, i would rather invest in a birkin then a kelly clutch. but currently, since i'm still a student, i'd only spend 100 - 200 on a clutch :[

    La C

  6. I've seen cluches like that at vintage stores everywhere. You should try that=)

  7. I love it, but agree it's very small for constant use.

    I spent $99 on a silver clutch, on sale at Barney's. I have yet to use it.

  8. 3600 is a lot for a clutch.
    my most expensive clutch is $350.
    I don't think I would go over 1000

  9. Like Songy I'm a cheaper...

    Hope you're feeling better, dear.


  10. I'm cheapish when it comes to clutches. I think the most I've spent is $350.

  11. I don't have a real Kelly yet, so my sister is telling me to hold off until I buy the Kelly in 28 or 32 cm. This clutch is half way there already. I usually won't spend over $1200 on clutch unless it's a Leiber.

  12. definetely too small for very day use - however it's cute for special occasions!


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