Nov 26, 2008

SG'Style: Casual Beige Day

I am feeling a little lazy today but regardless I won't allow myself to be in pajama all day just because I can, which has happened before. So I put on my favorite comfy cardigan and jeans to start the day. A gal just can't go wrong with beige cashmere. They are such classic and will go with almost any pairing piece.

So savvy gals, do you always get dress in the morning or do you stay in your pajamas whenever possible? I always find the day more productive whenever I am more put together in the style department.

My look:

-TSE cashmere cardigan in beige (SG owns this cardigan and sweater set for about 10 years now and they are still savvy in my opinion.) I am only wearing the cardigan because it's still quite warm in my part of the country.
-Banana Republic camisole for layering
-Seven Jeans
-Tod's wool moccasins (I purchased this pair about 10 years ago and worn them about half a dozen times only. I discovered them again last month while reorganizing my shoe closet.)


  1. Hi,

    Lovely dark blue (indigo) jeans.

    xoxo: Janet

  2. I'd like to say I get dressed first thing in the morning, but no... i work mainly from home and sometimes stay in my pajamas for a few hours, before i can get myself to get more acceptable, in caso someone knocks at the door...
    Love the jacket.

  3. 10 years! Great investment indeed...Can't go wrong with yummy cashmere ;)

  4. I love beige cashmere too..well, cashmere in general ;) You just can't go wrong with it!

  5. You look so chic! Very Jackie O.

  6. thanks, kristina... : ) i do adore cashmere and beige combo. they are just easy to wear.

  7. You look just perfect dear! During the weekend, when I stay at home, I always like to dress in the morning too. I can't start my day without taking a shower and dressing up! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday darling! xoxo

  8. u can def rock the mocs!

  9. You'd be surprised how many people will opt to stay in their pjs all day. I did a poll on it, and got some pretty eye-opening results.

    Your version of comfort clothes is chic and put-together. Well done.


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