Nov 21, 2008

Black & White

SG thinks black and white is the perfect mixture of mystery, power, and purity. Black/white combo perhaps is one of my favorite combination with a pop of color using a bright scarf or multi-strands of pearls in various length.

I don't know if this has ever happened to you before, but I can't keep my white shirt tuck neatly underneath my skirt for these business meetings. Well, SG has the perfectly solution, a faux shirt/skirt dress. This way, SG will look pristine and flawless throughout the meeting without worrying about my shirt untucking.
left to right:
Finley shirt dress $355
Ralph Lauren Justina shirt dress $115
Ralph Lauren $188

These color block knit dresses are simple and clean with distinct black/white contrast, just perfect for business or a savvy luncheon with friends. left to right:
Iisli black/white color block dress $213
Maggy London $118
Tahari $128

SG likes Oscar de la Renta dress on right more for the super clean line and silhouette but RL dress is a great savvy replacement for only 1/18th of the price. left Ralph Lauren Tuxedo shirt dress $168
right Oscar de la Renta $2990

image: nordstrom, bergdorf goodman, saks, ralph lauren


  1. I do need one of those faux shirt/skirt dresses. That happens to me all the time.

  2. Black and White is sooo classic yet chic! I love these outfits!!!!

  3. I love-love-love pictures 1-3.
    Hope you have a colourful and savvy weekend.xo

  4. So funny -- I have a picture to post of me wearing a rare white blouse. I never wear a "crisp" white blouse because it's untucked and wrinkled within a minute of putting it on.

  5. always love black and white combo.. fabulous!

  6. I love black and white together!

  7. the first 3 dresses really help with my prob of untucking shirts.... black and white combo is just so stylish and clean. i love it.

  8. I have always liked black and white, it´s a must...

  9. black and white is still my default!
    loves it

  10. I like a lot B+W in certain ocasions, but I try to wear as much colour as possible, life is already gray, my dear.


  11. Black and white is so Classic and Chic! I love it, very Chanel.


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