Nov 22, 2008

Chocolate, my favorite gift to give.....

For a gal pal's birthday, I will be giving her a basket full of Godiva chocolates as she is addicted to chocolate like me. I love to shop for myself but shopping for others is another story entirely because I want to give the perfect gift the receiving party will absolutely adore. I have heard of people who re-gift presents they don't want, which I think is absolutely un-savvy. What about you, how do you feel about re-gifting?
I did not like any of the available pre-made basket choices in store so I had the nice SA at Godiva put together a gift bag for me, birthday ribbon and all. So I got a box of chocolate, a box of truffle, a bag of chocolate cover cherries (SG's favorite), a box Godiva Biscuit (all the biscuits are divine from past experiences), and a tin of hot cocoa (SG adore caramel or mocha). I love to give out chocolate gift baskets because I am a chocolate addict, what is your favorite gift to give/receive?


  1. Hi there-what a gorgeous yummy present! Your friend will love you forever!!

  2. You know, I don't mind re-gifting as long as it's still special. I was once given an old Tibetan picture by a monk in India. I liked it a lot, but my friend, she was absolutely in love with it. Every time she came to my house she had to touch it. She searched the whole internet trying to find one for herself. I liked it too but it obviously meant more to her than it did to me so last year I gave it to her. It was a very special gift, really.

  3. Agnes: I totally agree with you. I will give my friends things I can't use for myself but I know they will use it for adore it. But, I have a problem with people who regift b/c they think the gift is crap and just want to pawn it off on someone else so they don't have to spend money.

  4. I only re-gift if it's something I know the person will love and I can't get/find anywhere to buy.
    I love getting chocolate as a gift
    though I rarely eat it,
    I just love having it around haha.

    I love to give makeup,
    like eyeshadows that I've picked to compliment someone's colouring. But I think that's more because I'm just addicted to makeup!

  5. I am sure your friend will love it.

  6. i think it's kind of tacky to re-gift. buying for people is such a nice thing to do! i even hate giving people gift cards because it just sucks the thought right out of the present!

  7. What a nice and lovely gift.



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