Nov 19, 2008

Baccarat Chandeliers

SG is really thinking about home decor lately. And, I am in adoration with Baccarat products for simple but elegant designs, comparing to Lalique which is more ornate. I started recently with stemware and have moved on to vases and such. When I have my dream house, SG will love to have one of these chandeliers. A boutique manager told me once Baccarat chandeliers will glam up any space instantly, even if a gal only has wooden boxes for furniture. I agree completely. If you look carefully at every Baccarat chandelier, you will find a single red crystal (which is in Baccarat red) on every chandelier. This is a trademark of a Baccarat chandelier.
Zenith Black Collection by Philippe Starck (too dark for SG)
Philippe Starck collection is very popular with celebs and athletes.
Plume Chandelier in 12 lights or 24 lights. This will be great for a modern space.
Mille Nuit (thousand light) collection (SG's dream to have an eight light chandelier but without hurricane shades.)

So savvy gals, do you prefer simple or ornate decorative pieces for your home?

image: Baccarat


  1. i absolutely love chandeliars! they are so timeless. I have one in my loft and i got it from z gallerie. but i love the clear ones that u have amazing!

    i adore ur blog!

  2. I adore the first one. I love the ornate...I think my first apartment will be completely gaudy.

  3. Hey Savvy Mode,

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  4. Oh, the black one is breath-taking!!

  5. Beautimus!! I love the clear one!!

  6. they are even better in person. the black collection is fab.

  7. They're all beautiful, and once I read the bit about the red crystal, I went on a hunt to see if I could find them all.

  8. The first!!!! So wickedly gorgeous!


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